Learn how to revive an old business

Over the years, a start-up evolves, grows and then develops to become a large company. However, if, even growing up, it ends up being abandoned, it would be obvious that it necessarily lost its value. It should therefore be revived again. Follow in this article how Adrian Cheng rejuvenated a 50-year-old company.

Who is Adrian Cheng?

Born into a renowned family, Adrian Cheng is one of Hong Kong’s most popular men. He assumed several positions of responsibility following a well-defined plan during his life. Adrian Cheng is the grandson of Cheng Yu-Tung. The latter is none other than the founder of the real estate company New World Development. Coming from a rather pleasant family, Adrian Cheng knew how to handle strategy and business management to obtain a better result and a prosperous business.

How did Adrian Cheng rejuvenate and transform an old company?

When it grows, a company needs more and more interviews. Adrian Cheng shares with you his experience on business renovation. Through his amazing story, he tells how he managed to rejuvenate a 50-year-old company into a new business model. Indeed, Adrian Cheng was the representative executive vice president and at the same time general manager of the family business New World Development. He therefore remained in charge of the project, bringing every detail to it. Resting on the site of his grandfather’s ancient monument, he managed to put together a perfect business based on a more advanced strategy. He thus managed to elevate the company among the best in the city. In addition, Adrian is the owner of the K11 brand. It is therefore inspired by this brand that Adrian Cheng creates equally innovative designs for his company. For more details, K11 is the concept of bringing together three essential elements. It is about nature, people and art. His goal is to unite each artistic element with that of nature for a better result.

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