How to improve the autonomy of your laptop ?

Do you usually go on a trip for work and you often face the problem of battery life built into your laptop ? Discover here the techniques that will allow you to optimize it to the maximum. So you can enjoy your computer for longer while on the go. We will also explain how to increase the life of your battery.

Recharge smartly

If you use a Samsung computer, to optimize the autonomy and life of your battery, you can adopt reflexes from the moment of recharging your battery. You should know that the life of a battery is expressed in cycles regardless of your adapter for samsung laptop. One cycle corresponds to one recharge. Whether you charge your battery from 5% to 100% or from 95% to 100%, it will always represent one cycle. 

It is also strongly advised to recharge your battery up to 100%, without interruption, preferably in an environment at room temperature. If you have to use your laptop PC on the mains socket and remove its battery, you must take care to keep it away from humidity and heat. Before storing it somewhere, charge it up to 50%. We advise you to do regular cycles to prevent it from losing its effectiveness.

Calibrate the battery

The ions that make up your battery and are electrically charged to allow you to use your laptop, sometimes find themselves placed in an anarchic way after a few cycles. This causes a decrease in battery life. To allow them to store optimally, you will need to calibrate or calibrate your battery. To do this, nothing simpler. You just need to fully discharge your battery until your device turns off, beware of unsaved files. Thereafter, perform a full charge up to 100% and your battery will be calibrated. If necessary, repeat the same operation a second time and repeat it several times during the year. You can also choose to lower the brightness of your computer to save the battery.

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